Welcome to Shimodate Museum of Art
Shimodate Museum of Art had been established in November 2003 by Shimodate-city accompany with Shimodate Community Center nicknamed "Arterio" coined term of Art and Trio.
Our purpose is making a contribution to development of Art and Culture in this city. Andmore, the museum could provide people with opportunity to enjoy fine art casually. The city, now called Chikusei-city by merging of municipalities in 2005, has prospered as key junctions of trade since Edo Period. That had made the basis of patronage for arts. Today we hope our museum to keep this regional characteristic and cultivate of aesthetic sentiments for the future.
  ■ Activities
Exhibitions: Holding Permanent Collections and Special Exhibitions based on certain artists who are not only home-grown or participate actively in art world at this local area as well as national level, but also being related those artists.
The Collection: We have two great home-grown artists in this city. ITAYA Hazan (1872-1963), the most greatest ceramic artist in modern age who had raised ceramic as a craft to an art, and MORITA Shigeru(1907-2009), the oil painter who pursued the ideal beauty of Japanese oil paintings. Both of them were a member of "Japan Art Academy" and recipients of the Order of Cultural Merit. In addition to their art works, our collection contains fine art works properly reflected the brilliance and diligence.
Education: Based on Exhibitions and the Collection, we provide information to students and people about works of art. Moreover we support rising artists and artists in the future.
ITAYA,Hazan,Plate of Saiji-Kikukazu(1911)
Researches: In order to facilitate and enhance the museum activities, the museum engages in researches works of art that mainly related with home-grown artist's and with this city and around.
  ■ Information
Opening Days and Hours The museum is open daily, except Mondays from 10am to 18pm (Sale of tickets ends at 17:30pm)
The museum is close on the following days: Next day when national holiday falls on a Monday.
28th December to 4th January (New Year)
Admission charges Permanent Collections: Individuals \200 / Admission package with Itaya Hazan Memorial Hall \300 Groups (from 10 persons) \150 / Admission package with Itaya Hazan Memorial Hall \250
Special Exhibitions:Change with respect to each exhibitions.To know more about it, please ask to datebi@city.chikusei.lg.jp
All Exhibitions are FREE for Youth Under 18, Disabled and Accompanied disabled (with valid identification).
  ■ Access Map
Train Shimodate Station on JR Mito Line, Kanto Railway Jyousou Line, Moka Railway
10 minutes by walk from north exit of Shimodate Station.
Car 20 minutes from Sakuragawa/Chikusei interchange on Kita-Kanto expressway and takes Route 50
40 minutes from Moka interchange on Kita-Kanto via Tohoku expressway and takes Route 294
1 hour from Yawara interchange on Joban expressway and takes Route 294

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